Posted by: Judy | November 7, 2011

Chapter 4

Another chapter on preparing to begin.

As I re-read this chapter, I realize that I’m gathering my courage. In other words, I’m standing at the edge of the pool. I’ve dipped my toe in, and the water is cold. Now, I’m trying to decide how much I want the swim. I know that initial plunge will be breathtaking and uncomfortable. I believe that if I stick to it, then I’ll come out feeling invigorated and healthier, but it means sacrificing my current state of comfortableness.

This is the pre-game pep talk. It worked for me, because I’m still jumping in that ice-cold pool. I’m healthier, but there’s a long road ahead of me. Considering my age, it isn’t longer than the road behind me, so I might as well keep going.

If I quit, it’s game over. Where’s the fun in that?


  1. I hadn’t quite thought of jumping back into life as jumping back into the pool but you are right. I checked out. Now I am getting back in. This is giving me a lot to think about today. Accepting your true self is an awesome starting point.

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