Posted by: Judy | October 29, 2011

Q & A and stuff…

On October 24, 2011, this site hit 1,000 views. Whoohoo!! 🙂 It’s important to take the celebrations where and when they come.

Spam continues. Again, if I don’t know you, and you make a comment that is so general it could fit any blog on the planet and includes a general website, it won’t be published. A website does not need to be included to post, so a website on gum disease with a broad-ranging post won’t be published. I know, I’m fussy. I have control issues. I don’t deny it. I’m also learning, so I hope to relax a bit down the road.

Looking at the above paragraph, I realize I’m babbling. There are days, and this is one of them. They happen. Tomorrow will be better.

Something uplifting: Take a deep breath. Release it. Take another. Breathing is good.


  1. Congratulations on the 1,000 views! I know this is an important site that is helping many (it helps me).

    I don’t think it is “controlling” to want your site to contain the right messages. You are doing this to help others heal – so if someone needs information on gum disease they can look elsewhere!

    Keep up the wonderful, brave work you are doing. I send you a 1,000 thanks for doing so!

    • Thank you ((Mary Ann)) You are a wonderful influence in my life.

      • As you are a blessing in mine!

  2. Brava on the 1,000 views! I agree with Mary Ann– “controlling” your site is definitely a positive thing. The rest of us don’t want to see just any old junk that gets stuck on here (i.e, spam). We prefer just to see your posts and the legit replies. That’s what makes it your site, and no one else’s! And i can definitely look up gum disease or any other of a gazillion topics by myself…
    Keep up the great work. Thanks for the post (Oct. 30) on just remembering to breathe. I know it sounds awfully basic, but it’s sad how often I find myself just holding my breath (tension). Yikes!
    Even just a few good, centered, deep breaths can really make a soul feel a lot better.

    • Thanks, Mary! I remember my yoga teacher reminding me to breathe, because I’d become so focused on the position I really had forgotten to breathe. 🙂

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