Posted by: Judy | October 17, 2011

Chapter 3

In order to move forward, one needs to decide what comes next. In the previous two chapters, I was exploring where I was, in this moment. Now, in order to figure out what comes next, I have to recognize that I cannot do this alone. What am I going to use to help me? This chapter is in no way all inclusive. Like everything else, so far, it’s my starting point.

My resources page is pretty sparse, but rest assured, it is not reflective of what I’ve actually used over the years. I’ve read hundreds of books, watched hundreds of television shows, taken classes, and, of course, three rounds of counseling, so far. Now, I’m also exploring various blogs that have helped me.

What helps me, may not help you. Sometimes, something will help for a while, and then it simply doesn’t seem to work anymore. I recently went through that experience. A blog I used to follow I realized didn’t really fit me anymore. I changed. So, I let go, and move on. I made the decision, and another site presented itself that fits me where I am now.



  1. I agree with you when you say something helps for a while then doesn’t work the same any more. I noticed myself changing what helps me.

    • Not understanding that was a real struggle. It was frustrating that things that used to work didn’t anymore, and I was afraid I was doing something wrong. It never occurred to me that because my perspective changed my way to do things would change, too.

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