Posted by: Judy | October 12, 2011

Another link worth sharing…

Last week, on Facebook, the following link was shared. It made an impact on me.

I was expected to be a mermaid, and all I wanted to be was a whale. This gave me a lot to think about, particularly when I remember my initial reaction. I saw the picture, and flinched. I was embarrassed for the model. Then I read the piece, and developed a whole new attitude. I love the picture. And I really love the perspective.

Giving myself permission to be overweight is not what I want to take away from this. Giving myself permission to not be the “ideal” weight is what I want to embrace. No, this does not mean I will be tossing out the scale anytime soon. I need something to remind me that my goal is to be healthy, especially when I’m feeling out of control or overwhelmed. Watching the weight sneak up, reminds me that I need to take care of me, before the clothes become uncomfortable.

So, here is to learning how to recognize real beauty and embracing it.


  1. I like this part:
    Giving myself permission to not be the “ideal”
    I think this applies to more than just weight. Just sayn’

    • True enough. 🙂

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